VCA Basic - Training and exam (English)

The ideal basic training for every sector. The VCA basic course consists of the most important insights into safety and prevention.

Get your VCA basic certificate in one day! DThis basic training is designed to teach students many fundamental basic concepts over the course of a single day. This certificate shows employers and clients that the holder has a strong grasp on the essential concepts to work safely and efficiently.

Prevom is an officially registered VCA exam center. This means you will receive an official certificate upon passing the exam which is registered in the central diploma registry. This allows employers and clients alike to easily confirm that you are the holder of a legitimate, valid certificate.

Lunch is always included: before the start of the session we will ask you what your favorite sandwich is so you can enjoy a nice meal and a selection of hot and cold beverages during a well-deserved lunch break.

Make sure to read through all of the information below so you come to the exam center well prepared!

Are registrations strictly personal?

All registrations are strictly personal and are non-transferable.

Only those who were initially registered (by name) are able to take part in the training and the exam. Because we need to declare the identity of the participants ahead of time to the certification authority, last-minute changes are impossible.

Make sure to bring a (valid) ID to the exam!

What information do I need to give you?
To be able to issue a valid certificate upon successful completion of the exam, we will need some basic personal information.

Your legal name, birthplace, date of birth, ... will be asked during registration so we can properly pre-declare your participation to the certification authority.  Make sure that this information is filled in correctly. It is impossible to change these parameters once your registration is confirmed.

Make sure to bring a (valid) ID to the exam!

Can I book for multiple people at once?

Absolutely! Just make sure that the personal information of all participants is entered correctly.
do not just enter the information of the person creating the reservation, but the information of everyone who will be participating.

As previously noted, this information is essential to grant you a valid certificate when you pass the exam.

If you are not present on the day of the course (no-show) the registration fee must still be paid.

If you do not participate in the exam (or you do not attain a passing grade) it will be impossible to grant you a certificate.

What happens if the training/exam is cancelled?

Of course we do our very best to avoid this from happening.

If this were to happen, due to exceptional reasons or extreme circumstances, you will be notified via e-mail and phone.

In this case the registration fee will be completely refunded without any extra compensation on top of the fee you initially paid when booking your participation.

Datum & Tijd

13 oktober 2022

09:00 16:00 Europe/Brussels

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2830 Willebroek
(+32) 03 369 72 73
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